03:04am CDT, 09/21/14
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Early this week I had the privilege of spending time with a precious 1 year old girl.  Olivia is so much fun to be with and I love to watch her learn.  We were playing with a box that has different color and shapes inside the the box.  When you take off the lid, there's an explosion of shapes & colors waiting to be enjoyed & explored.  She was awed by the prospect!  Olivia immediately dumped them all out on the floor.  Of course she had to feel, smell and taste each block. She was enjoying herself immensely.  I then put the lid back on the box.  The lid has an opening for each shape so that shape can pass through the lids & go back into the box.  Olivia couldn't understand why the square wouldn't fit into the circle!  I tried tell her and even showing her.  Finally she realized that if she'd just listen to me and let me help her- she could accomplish her goal of putting the shapes back into the box.  I had to laugh out loud- not at Olivia but at myself.  God created a beautiful world for us to enjoy & explore, see, feel taste & smell.  God shows us and tells us in His Word how to live life.  If we would just listen and obey we could accomplish His goals for us & be so much happier.  

Sheila Kay
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